Is Havening for me?

Is Havening for me?
For some, the concept of touch dealing with trauma or fears may appear weird or unfamiliar initially. Yet the basis of it aside from the science of what it does within the brain, is to offer a feeling of calmness and safety. Literally a safe house. It is exactly what we intuitively and intuitively to others including our children and partners whenever we want to comfort them or make them feel safe. If you have an animal, children or are naturally tactile you will know the reaction that your gentle touch has on others.
As adults within our culture, touch has become less familiar for some, yet there is a wealth of evidence showing its benefits due to the release of positive hormones and calming electrical results it has on our brain and body, be that in the form of massage or Havening.
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Even the most apprehensive or sceptical have the tendency to find themselves stunned and sensation excellent at the end of the process, if a little confused as to where their symptoms have gone! You do not need to believe in it for it to work. The science does its job without any need for our healthily sceptical, reasonable mind to be on board as long as you’re willing to participate in the process completely no matter your beliefs! It’s tough to argue with the sensation and benefits of a calm brain and body flooded with serotonin which features this treatment, however that’s simply an aside; it is for you if you’re prepared to try anything to help deal with effects of your past.┬áHavening Therapist

What are the kinds of Havening techniques ®?
There are a variety of Havening Strategies ® with multiple applications, and more being developed all the time. Three typical types of havening are:
Occasion Havening– utilized for encoded psychological injury in particular occasions that have created associated substantial emotional actions, such as fears/ PTSD/ mentally stimulating and terrible memories/break-ups
Transpirational Havening– works on particular unfavorable feelings related to single or numerous occasions, along with developing new favorable emotional states
Outcome Havening– Works in increasing peak performance and health and helps set up the feelings related to accomplishing them
What can Sheffield Therapist Havening assist with?
The simplicity of it suggests you do not even need to know where what you wish to deal with came from. Havening allows working with a specific feeling to clear everything out without needing to go to a specific experience. The effect of the Havening touch also produces a calm pleasant state, just like hypnosis whilst being totally familiar with what is going on, so it can also be used to deal with favorable states, behaviours, and objectives to help build up resilience, confidence, start actions for objectives, coping systems and capabilities, reduce stress, break the pattern of anxiety to name a few.

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A few of the areas Havening can be utilized for:
Emotional/Psychological Trauma
Stress and anxiety
Fears, Fears and Panic
Compulsions and drug abuse (combined with other treatment).
Relationship breaks up and unwanted behaviours in existing relationships.
Guilt and Embarassment.
Conversion condition.
Persistent pain and illnesses/injuries with no medical or mechanical cause (somatic).
Anger and rage (consisting of repressed).
Yearnings or Emotional Eating.
Self-esteem and confidence.
Stress and Strength.
Visualisation and creativity.
Installing positive beliefs.
Concentrating on and motivating yourself to objectives.

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